OUR MISSION: LIVE IN SPACE — At Vast, our mission is to contribute to a future where billions of people are living and thriving in space. We are building artificial gravity space stations, allowing long-term stays in space without the adverse effects of zero-gravity.

Our initial crewed space habitat will be Haven-1, scheduled to be the world’s first commercial space station when it launches into low earth orbit in August 2025.

What we’re doing is bold and really hard. It’s not for the fainthearted, and if you’re up for this challenge, you’ll be part of an ambitious team who is:

All iN —

We take a bottom-up engineering and first principles-led approach where we are empowered to make decisions, own the outcomes, and collaborate. We are driven by our passion for space and our desire to do important work. Our teammates and partners are the most talented people on Earth.

Committed to safety and reliability —

Long-term space exploration depends on us. Everything we design and build is done with crew, team, and public safety at its core.

Making it happen —

Our timeline is ambitious. We are able to make rapid progress amid high uncertainty. With extreme ownership, we work hard, we deliver, and we win and celebrate together as a team.

Our Values


We celebrate our differences and rally around a sincere belief that humanity should expand across the solar system. We welcome dialogue, show respect, and have empathy for the perspective of others. We direct our energy towards achieving our mutual ambition in the most productive way possible - together.


We are not afraid to ask difficult questions and believe it is the only way to overcome obstacles. We are entrepreneurial spirits and forward thinkers seeking the truth. We believe our inquisitive nature, thirst for knowledge, and desire to learn is the only path to transform our bold mission into reality.


We are a team of doers and driven to continually innovate. We are agile, take ownership, and do not shy away from risk. We are pushing the boundaries of what has been deemed possible and we are committed to creating the future, today.


Superior quality does not happen by accident. It is a recipe of clear intention, informed direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see challenges as opportunities. We are transforming humanity as we know it today.

Our Benefits

Vast offers comprehensive total rewards to our full-time team members. In addition to base compensation, we provide:

Long-term equity incentive program
401k retirement plan
Flexible PTO (exempt) and generous accrued PTO (non-exempt)
Paid parental leave
Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance
Catered meals, healthy food/snacks, ClassPass credits, and complementary One Medical and Spring Health memberships

The Earth has a mass of 6 x 1024 kg. The solar system, other than the Sun, has a mass of 2.78 x 1027 kg. This gives 464 Earth masses in the solar system excluding the Sun. But humans are using at most 2% of the Earth’s mass. This means there are 23,200 times the amount of mass used by humans out there in the solar system. Or roughly enough resources for 232 trillion humans. There is an even greater multiple of the current human energy requirements emitted by the Sun, so the solar system is mass constrained not energy constrained.

- Jed McCaleb