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Private Crew Seats on VAST-1


Worldwide space agencies and their astronauts.

Private individuals involved in scientific and philanthropic projects.

Vast is selling up to four seats on Vast-1, its inaugural SpaceX Dragon human spaceflight mission to Haven-1, for up to 30 days aboard the world's first private space station - scheduled to launch no earlier than August 2025.

The combination of the Haven-1 space station and SpaceX Dragon vehicle allows for extended mission duration. This helps our flight participants overcome some of the challenges in acclimating to the space environment, which can take up to 3 days. 

Includes training by SpaceX and Vast. The seats are available individually, in groups of two or three, or as a dedicated four-person mission.

VAST-2 MISSION: Vast also secured an option for a second SpaceX Dragon mission to Haven-1 expected to launch no earlier than 2026.

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Payload Opportunities

Payload opportunities are also available for Haven-1 and the Vast-1 mission:

Fly pressurized payloads inside the Haven-1 station
Deliver to space and return cargo to Earth aboard the Dragon spacecraft
Host payloads externally on the Haven-1 station

Ideal for:

Science & research
In-space manufacturing
Satellite-hosted payloads on Haven-1
Sponsorship and product marketing
Contact for details and pricing information.